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Absolutely extraordinary. Its amazing you've managed to do this entirely in a month and come up with such a good result. This animation's made you methinks.

Keep up the good work Alex. :)

BritishMoose responds:

You are the awesome.

Remember your preloader!!!

Was wondering why it wasn't working until I checked the file size again. a seven mb flash file NEEDS a preloader. Since one's so easily available, I docked you a potentially huge score.

Because the bits I got to see were really, really, REALLY well done for sprite movies. Perfect timing on the sounds, the animations match with the game it's based on...

In short, nothing wrong bar the cardinal sin of forgetting that other people have to download it...

Not enough happening.

For three minutes of a ten odd minute song, there's nothing actually going on. It feels like a load of still images.

That and the stuff that's not been sprited, or the stuff that turns pixels on thier sides, really ruin the feel of the piece. If you're going to do sprites, make it all sprited.

Summary: Make more stuff happen. Make it look better

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The game is... a little boring. It's difficult to quite get what's going on and requires you to work out where you want the strongest stack to be after it's jumped around. I managed to win a game because my opponent failed to remember that Flags are the primary victory condition and made a beeline straight for it with three heavy stack units...

It's currently hard to find a game - guess that's because it's UJ, but still, you'd have thought the creator and some friends would have sit in to help the game along. There's also emphasis on signing up to yet-another-system to unlock game features which look like game-breakers if I was up against them without access to them...

There was also a bug where I lost a turn. Guess there was a syncing issue. Otherwise, it's a good tech demo, but a frustrating board game...

Mirror Shined

Professional, sleek, simple, easy. Could spread like wildfire this. Exactly the thing you want from a casual web browser game, and has enough scoreboard features to keep me interested. You did well with this Chaz.

Chaz responds:

Thanks alot for the awesome review and score master Slamdyke :)

This Review will be buried soon enough...

To combat the argument about registration, I personally don't care who has my email address. Neither do most people. Every one arguing about the server having thier details so that they can continue to play the game no matter where they are in the world is just looking for any excuse.

Other than the chat system being evil incarnate, the game is a nifty addition. Balanced, fair, annoying when you lose and gratifying when you win. Course, that's just like it was on FFVIII, but meh. There are so few decent multiplayer Flash games out on the Portal at the moment, and hopefully this will start the trend off nicely.

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